A dip

Hmm…my first post. I promised to explain the name: After several tries and much thinking as I procrastinated at work, I hit upon “Cucumber Juice”. It’s a favourite drink of mine (try it some time: peel off as much or as little of the skin as you’d like and juice in a blender with purified water and some fresh ginger. It’s not bad at all…don’t add sugar though) and it’s good for you. Needless to say cucumber juice is purifying, refreshing and colourful – qualities that I’d like my blog to have. The “In My Own Words” bit is just be clear that these are my OWN thoughts and not a regurgitation of someone else’s. If there’s a similarity to someone else then so be it.

Don’t expect this blog to be a diary or journal of any sort. I’ve never been able to keep one and don’t intend to start one online. From time to time I might talk about semi-person things like the nature of friendships but that’s it. CucumberJuice/In My Own Words will be a running commentary on things I see and/or am passionate about. I always seem to come up with interesting musings on my daily train & bus rides so I’ll post a few of those here.

As for my passions: Of course, I’ll have a lot to say on Jamaica because that’s where I am from and I love that country to death and I’m deeply concerned with its current state. I’m also crazy about Reggae and Dancehall so I’ll be talking about them a lot here.

And “Alice Clare” is not my real name but a pseudonym and a salute to my Grandmother who raised me and who passed away on May 2, 1999. If you’re here and reading then you probably know my real name; if not, don’t worry you’ll live.

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  1. […] sure, blogging is often cathartic to me. When I began blogging I was resolute that this space would not be a diary and I have stuck to that. Over time though I have shared more than social and political commentary […]

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