Prime Minster Portia Simpson-Miller at European Development Days 2013

Image credit: Jamaica's Office of the Prime Minister

As has become the norm, there are lots of questions about Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller’s travel itinerary.  The questioning and criticism have been growing for months as Prime Minister Simpson-Miller seems increasingly absent from national life, appearing only intermittently in Parliament or on TV or at Jamaica House press briefings; many feel that as … Continue reading

Beauty Queen Politics


Beauty pageants and a former beauty queen have been atop Jamaican news recently. Dr. Dayton Campbell (again) found himself on the wrong side of the Twitterverse when he shared his opinion (a now deleted tweet) about a contestant in the Miss Jamaica World 2013 pageant: “bout best shape, she shape like the Jamaican economy.” Setting … Continue reading

Last Week’s News: A Statement from Jamaica’s Director of Public Prosecutions

Last month there was a glimmer of justice in Jamaica: the men responsible for the attempted murder of 7-month pregnant Jody-Ann Gray were sentenced to prison. Thankfully Ms. Gray and her child are alive and will hopefully have full lives. But amid the celebration for some justice for Ms. Gray (I qualify with “some” because … Continue reading

A Brief Note About A Public Smoking Ban in Jamaica

Clear messaging is important.

When I first outlined this post, soon after Minister Fenton Ferguson made his announcement in Parliament, I noted 5 areas in which the he and the Government of Jamaica of which he is a member failed. Now one week after the implementation of the smoking ban I see snippets about how the smoking ban is … Continue reading

3 Tips For Jamaican Government Officials On Twitter

Image from

Let me just get right to it, as politely as I can (Part 2 will focus on Jamaican government agencies and ministries): Be Engaging.  You don’t have to respond to everything but acknowledge feedback and respond appropriately.  Do not be like Andrew Holness or Lisa Hanna who tweet only links to photo ops or Facebook … Continue reading

Reblog: “I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t.” by Brandon Allwood,_Auguste_Rodin.jpg

The first dose of the “medicine” (I hate this term in this context) has been administered and it is indeed bitter.  I’ve already seen it called poison. Below I am republishing a post from Brandon Allwood (@brandonallwood) that he published today.  I share his frustration with the current lack of leadership in Jamaica.  Plus, frankly, … Continue reading

From Spider Venom to Improving Farming in Jamaica

Trust Your Crazy Ideas - shelf sitter wood sign on Etsy (

Today I came across an article about spider venom and improving farming techniques. Eh? Not as weird as the headline suggested. The venom stuff was actually pretty cool though the principle is not altogether new. Humans have long known that certain plants and animals are helpful in keeping pests away from crops. For example, organic … Continue reading

Of Preachers on Buses and Censorship

Image from from

For some reason I have agonized for over two weeks about whether to publish this.  Yet, here goes… Same knife weh juk sheep juk goat. I am extremely uncomfortable with the recent JUTC ban of preachers on buses.  Sometimes it verges on dislike.  My discomfort is nothing to do with Jamaica (supposedly) being a “Christian … Continue reading

Where in the World is Portia Simpson-Miller?

Yes it works to the tune of the Carmen Sandiego game show song, just dip your voice on the “Simpson.” So, where is Prime Minister Simpson-Miller? I wonder for a few reasons…and I gather that I am not alone in wondering. The last I saw of her was at the Jamaica 50 Grand Gala. She … Continue reading

Last Week’s News: A Proposed Baseball Diamond in Trelawny

The Trelawny Multi-purpose Stadium

In April 2010 the Jamaica Gleaner published this gem There are plans to set up a baseball diamond at the Trelawny Multi-purpose Stadium in the coming months, after lengthy discussions between the Jamaican Government and officials of the United States-based Major League Baseball (MLB) seem to be heading in the right direction. Labelled as an … Continue reading


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