2014 Ja Back to School List: Books, Bag, Bucket o’ Water…

bucket of water

A couple of years ago when folks were especially gung-ho about introducing tech (e.g., tablets) into Jamaican schools as the way to improve the education system, I pointed out that too many schools still had pit latrines, and suggested that perhaps the focus should be on upgrading those basic facilities before pushing ahead with integrating … Continue reading

Jamaica, Jamaica: For Sale, No Offer Too Low


This week the Mount Rosser toll road bypass from Kingston to the North Coast opened to much fanfare.  So serious was it that, allegedly, a member of government who showed up to the road opening in a tropical country in August in polo shirt and jeans was asked by the Prime Minister of Jamaica to … Continue reading

My St. Andrew Science Story…Because Girls in Science Matter

SAHS Campaign Avatar

On Sunday June 1, four St. Andrew High School classmates (Mikaela, Reneé, Tayo, and Camille) and I launched a 30-day crowdfunding Campaign to raise money for the fourth lab on the Old Science Block at our alma mater in Kingston, Jamaica.  Our goal is big – USD$25,000 – but achievable.  For me, our efforts are … Continue reading

Environment v. Development…and the Loss of Our Dignity

Ja Blog Day May 23 - Infographic

I cannot get them out of my head. Thoughts of them stop me every time I begin to delve into the tangled theories and murky machinations at work behind the proposed Goat Island/Logistics Hub development plan, or the Bog Walk Dam, or the fate of the Falmouth Pier.  I feel I cannot get into those weeds … Continue reading

“…Give us vision lest we perish…”

jamaican flag

I’ve been wondering a lot lately what the leaders of Jamaica see for Jamaica’s future.  I understand about the country managing its debt, about the country taking advantage of the expansion of the Panama Canal, about getting crime under control.  But that’s all basic stuff, yes? Those are checklist items in basic governance.  I’d think … Continue reading

Bottleneck in My Brain…The Soundtrack

buried under paper - writer's block

I feel caught in a whirlwind of news and I can’t clear my head.  There is so much to think and write about…yet, since this weekend, I’ve been unable to put words onto paper in a way that makes sense.  That is, words about the things I’d really planned to post about and have notes … Continue reading

The Value of the Vybz Kartel Trial – Part II


Why don’t we tell our stories? I’m not talking about media coverage now. I’m talking about bringing the lives, trials, experiences, and history of Jamaicans and Jamaica to the screen, stage, paper, and canvas.  For some reason something seems to be stifling our voices.  Is it lack of money, lack of talent, or lack of … Continue reading

Tanya Hamilton’s “Good Country People”

Blossom, from Good Country People y Tanya Hamilton

Last week I attended a showing of three short films directed by women: Good Country People, Not Another Word (funny and not at all unique to the Jordanian experience it depicts), and Half of Her (about the traditions we carry with us when we leave “home”…it’s really hard to watch and it may surprise you … Continue reading

Yes, I Am Angry and Frustrated. And I Will Yell.


I had a moment on Twitter this morning as I began to see tweets from the first day of a symposium about the proposed done deal CHEC Logistics Hub (notice the stealthy name change for the project?) in the environmentally protected Portland Bight area of Jamaica. Did I mention that the cost of attendance for … Continue reading

The Value of the Vybz Kartel Trial – Part I

trial - gavel and scales

There is so much rich detail in the charges that were brought against Mr. Palmer.  So many moving parts: the victims (Who were they?), the defendants (Who are they? How are they connected to each other or to the victims?), the court dates, judges.  I am grateful for the page on The Jamaica Gleaner that lists … Continue reading


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