Of Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceuticals…Healing Plants

Jamaican White Periwinkle

Recently I’ve taken to referring to Mommy as a Bush Woman. Why? Because I can’t even think of clearing my throat before she starts diagnosing and recommending which food, bush, fruit skin, herb, or mix up I should take. And, of course, she’s often right (there, Mommy, I said it!). Even Grandpa is in on … Continue reading

The Hunger Crisis Persists…but You Can Help to Stamp It Out


No images of emaciated children.  No images of mother’s desperately trying to feed their children from deflated breasts.  While a start and heartrending illustration of facts and figures those images often leave me feeling helpless…and they also feel exploitative and I feel like the worst kind of voyeur seeing that level of suffering.  No discussion … Continue reading

Remember Mekhi? He’s Getting Ready for a Bone Marrow Transplant!

mekhi 2

Almost a year ago I blogged about my high school (go Andrews at Champs!) classmate’s son Mekhi who has Fanconi Anemia.  Through the magic of Facebook, I get to see his and his mother’s progress with handling this illness.  Simone always posts pictures of Mekhi being a fighter and dealing with the challenges that Fanconi … Continue reading

Last Week’s News: On Birth Control, Abortion, and Sluts…Body Control

got birth control

 *rolls shoulders*  For the past month or so I’ve noted the steady onslaught against what I may choose to do with my body, against organizations that are meant to provide services to poor people who can’t afford but need them, against people who dare to suggest that women should receive certain products and services.   A … Continue reading

Do You Know Your Status?

AIDS Awareness ribbon

I am HIV-negative.  I know this because I get tested every year with no exceptions.  So, do you know your status? Get  Tested It’s been 30 years since the first AIDS case was identified.  There are 34 million people on this planet with HIV/AIDS, 2 million die each year.  There is no cure.  I blogged … Continue reading

Guest Post | Reflections of a Breast Cancer Survivor

saran's mommy with ribbon

At the beginning of October the idea for a series about breast cancer began to take shape.  After my first post about it I realized that there was much more that could and should be said about this illness.  Yes, it’s the big bad scary cancer but there is still a lot of good and triumph that … Continue reading

Guest Post | My Mother’s Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Mikaelia & her Mom at the 2010 Jamaica Observer Food Awards.

Last year when Mikaelia told me that her mother, Angella, had been diagnosed with breast cancer my heart dropped. Someone else? Again? When will the awful disease cease to inflict injury and pain upon people?  Rant, rant, rant! I hate cancer.  I suspect that Mikaelia had a similar reaction but it certainly didn’t slow her … Continue reading

Breast Cancer 101 + Q&A with Dr. Michael McFarlane

After last week’s post about Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I realized that I’d assumed a lot. Not good. Yes, many of us know about Breast Cancer Awareness month or may have experienced the disease personally…but do we really know what we’re dealing with? Do we know about treatment options? Costs? Where to get screened? What … Continue reading

Feel Up Those Boobs!

It’s October.  It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Ladies and Gentlemen, if you weren’t paying attention before then please do so now: check your breast health.  I’m sure y’all know that cancer exists and that breast cancer affects a lot of women…that’s not enough.  Be informed about the disease and use that information to take care of … Continue reading

Last Week’s News: Are You Hungry?

The Yin and Yang of World Hunger (c) David Revoy.

Food has been all over my radar lately.  I’m a little notorious for always being hungry…well, notorious for always saying that I’m hungry.  Aside from just being bored at times, I frequently forget to eat.  I get engrossed in whatever I’m doing and then suddenly I’ll glance at a timepiece and realize that it’s been … Continue reading


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